What to See in a Social Media Marketing Agency before Hiring

What to See in a Social Media Marketing Agency before Hiring

It would help if you asked about the past achievements of SMM agencies in Dubai. Any agency excited to discuss its past success is a good sign and will save you money, time, and stress in the long run. Moreover, ask about the manager’s approval, portfolio, and past successes. These are indicators of a company’s ability to manage its brand’s social media presence successfully. Last but not least is the cost.


Before you decide to hire a social media marketing agency, you need to look at their portfolio. A portfolio is an excellent way to show potential clients what you do. It is crucial to showcase studies and campaigns with thorough information. Make sure they don’t stretch the truth, though! It would help if you chose examples from brands with great results and researched the campaigns themselves. This will give you a clearer idea of the kind of work they can expect.

Manager’s approval:

A successful social media campaign depends on a social media management agency’s ability to communicate with you and your clients. If you don’t know what to expect from your social media manager, ask them to show you how they communicate with their current and past clients. Ask them how they communicate with you and whether they follow a specific approval process. It would help if you also asked them how they approach client communication. Do they communicate monthly with you about their progress? How often do they make phone calls to your office? Are you expected to approve specific posts? Does the agency have the proper experience and understanding?

Past successes:

Before choosing a social media marketing agency, you should review their past success. Typically, successful agencies focus on one vertical and provide one specific service. This way, they don’t have to think about everything and all of the pain points of all of the different types of clients. They can concentrate on producing one or two very specific results and still have room to be creative.


If you’re planning on hiring a social media marketing agency to manage your online presence, several factors will determine the cost of the package. First, you should consider your company’s size and type. Typically, social media marketing agencies will charge a monthly fee depending on the number of employees. In addition, the services that these teams provide vary in price. For example, a full-service agency may charge more than AED 1,000 for competitor analysis for a self-care and beauty niche business because of the crowded and competitive market.

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